Consumer product recalls

CPSC Chairman Kaye gave the keynote address at ICPHSO CPSC Day, providing announcements on some CPSC policy changes and focusing on his priorities for the upcoming year. These include:

Reporting of products sold in the US, Canada, and Mexico


CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye and Health Canada’s Acting Director General, Consumer Product Safety Directorate James Van Loon addressed ICPHSO and the media jointly, to announce that CPSC and Health Canada are united in their commitment to eliminate corded blinds due

This panel, fully titled “Challenges to Recalls, How to Get Consumers to Respond to Recalls, and New Effective Ways to Reach Consumers,” featured Carolyn Carlin, Christoper Nguyen, and Tanya Topka from CPSC. Here are key points from the session.

Good morning from ICPHSO CPSC Day. Over the course of the day, I will post updates and highlights from CPSC Day, with particular focus on comments from CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye. I have added my thoughts throughout.

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