Among the many consumer product buzzwords, green chemistry may be on top of the pile. Depending upon your job, industry, or viewpoint, it also may have a variety of meanings, triggering still other buzzwords — alternatives assessmentrestricted substances listchemicals of concern; life cycle assessmentIn the same vein as our California Proposition 65 miniseries, we here at the blog hope to demystify some of the legal aspects of green chemistry, with a particular focus on federal and state regulatory schemes. Over the next several weeks, we will post a multi-part series analyzing the current state of the TSCA, TSCA reform efforts, and both existing and emerging state green chemistry laws.

This will include a look at the federal Toxic Substances Control Act’s failed regulatory structure, the status of recent efforts at TSCA reform, and the state green chemistry laws (particularly covering children’s products) that have mushroomed in the space left by TSCA’s limitations, including:

We will also give a rundown on other developing state green chemistry programs.